What is WOBEGO?

WOBEGO is a complete  mLearning Platform and LMS (Learning Management system).

It helps you deliver Powerful, Informal, Effective Communications and Learning straight to the hand of the learner. Anytime , Anywhere, Always there.

"What then is the difference between informal and formal learning content?". The main difference is that informal learning is simple, concise, rich, and very effective.

We are all learning at a much more rapid rate than before. Learning new concepts and adding new skills, on what sometimes seems like a weekly or monthly basis, is now the norm in an increasingly globalized economic order. The world is full of ever-growing complexity, while at the same time the desire for simplicity drives much behaviour. Learning is no exception.

Engaging users simply, directly and quickly via informal methods is key to improved performance, engagement and even to recruiting those users into more in-depth and traditional learning formats.

Why use WOBEGO?

WOBEGO is a fully cloud-based system that allows businesses and organisations to upload, store and organise training video content, add tests and surveys as needed, link to web-based content and supports, notify and deliver bite-sized video messages or lessons to users and track their participation and results.