Benefits of mLearning

Getting the information you need, when and where you need it, means your team are better prepared for their role and the challenges they face.

Here is a list of some of the benefits MLearning can offer your team, your managers and your company.

Benefits for your team

  • Content Available anytime, anywhere
  • View you own learning stats
  • Streamed Content with no need to download
  • Full library available to you
  • Test and demonstrate your learning
  • SMS notifications let you know when you have new content
  • Your lessons are archived so you can revisit as needed


Benefits for Managers and Trainers

  • Easy to use interface; you will be using it live in 5 min
  • Upload your video – WOBEGO creates multi device compatible formats in the background
  • Group your videos into courses with an easy to find archive
  • Add assessments or surveys to individual lessons along with a pass grade
  • Instanty update teams with the most up to date product or competitor information
  • Group your teams by geographical location, job description, team manager
  • Share real time market information, pricing, targets and goals
  • Capitalisation of the knowledge in your company, capture the expertise within your company and share it to upskill all your team
  • Powerful viewing and monitoring of statistics and compliance
  • Content revision features to help manage and keep your content up to date.
  • Provide your team with additional training, more indepth information sources such as blogs, internet or internal company information sources.


Benefits for your Company or Organisation

  • Simple/Fast sharing of knowledge
  • Respond to information requests instantly
  • Works perfectly with a geographically diverse work force
  • Meet your compliance regulatory and safety requirements
  • Ideal cost effective way to deliver induction training
  • Reduced need for repeat trainer led training for new staff
  • New staff can quickly understand the standards of service and policies within your business
  • More clarity on products, manager expectations, internal structures and company policies
  • Share your training with your B2B customer to help them understand your products
  • Direct face to face communications tool when quick reactions to business challenges is required
  • Send to one, send to many. Track by team, location or office so you can compare engagement in training with your sales results or performance KPI's
  • One source for your knowledge base and your team members.