Delivering training to Smartphones

Wobego allows you to create instant bite-size video messages and send them to your team; who can view these messages on their Smartphones, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Learning – what's the fuss?

On May 18, 2011, the eLearning Guild released a new research report, Mobile Learning: Landscape and Trends, authored by Clark Quinn. In this data-rich document, Quinn discusses the current developments that clearly point to the reasons why every organisation should develop a mobile learning strategy, even if the organisation has no performance, learning, or information issues for which mobile technology is currently a relevant solution.

The most significant of these reasons is that mobile learning is a transformative opportunity. It is not necessarily disruptive, but it does represent a significant means of augmenting formal training.

Mobile devices are not only convenient and always with us, they are the focus of a convergence of capability, each device offering a combination of applications to support: Documents, Audio, E-mail IM, SMS, MMS, Video, interactive computer applications, the world wide web, geolocation, social interaction.

Not only that, it is also an increasingly available alternative to the “event model” that has for so long dominated the thinking of instructional designers and managers. MLearning makes it possible to think beyond formal instruction (especially classroom-based, instructor-mediated events), to integrate learning strategy with overall performance and technology strategy, and to complement formal learning with informal learning, social learning, and performance support. In short, there are new opportunities unique to use of mobile platforms.

MLearning has been shown to make traditional learning last longer giving you an improved ROI.

How it works.

As adoption of mobile devices increases and becomes mainstream (by 2014 all mobile phones will be Smartphones), so will the appetite for just-in-time, just-enough, and just-for-me bite-size learning modules.

WOBEGO mobile learning allows you to take formal or casual visual or audio content and distribute that content directly to the hands of your learners.

WOBEGO also allows you to monitor engagement, accept feedback and engage with your learners to share knowledge and expertise within your organisation.

WOBEGO is a simple cloud-based solution that can be deployed and tailored rapidly to meet your needs and even integrate with systems within your organisation.

MLearning does not replace the ‘event model’ of classroom-based instructor led formal training, but instead offers a new and unique opportunity to augment this training with informal, social, performance supports delivered using mobile, Smartphone platforms.

Why WOBEGO is best:

WOBEGO delivers a complete simple to use, cost effective Mlearning solution.

It's ready to go.

Helps you communicate, upskill and share knowledge instantly.

Delivers just-enough, and just-for-me bite-size learning modules.

Allows you monitor Engagement.

Includes bite-size learning assessments and monitoring.

It is a cloud-based system so no need for IT overheads or involvement.